Request a sample of our coffees.

If you're looking to stock our beans, thinking of changing up your espresso offering, or having us as a guest roaster; we can send you samples so you can try before your buy!

Simply fill out the request form below and select all the beans you would like us to send! Please note that this is for wholesale and potential trade customers only.

Our coffee line up...

Espresso Blends

We offer two contrasting espresso blends. Dark Horse Espresso, our house blend, is a nutty and chocolatey coffee which is specifically sourced to taste great with milk.

Roan Espresso on the other hand, offers a fruit punch espresso, with two natural processed components.

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Single Origins

We ethically source all of our coffees from all over the world in coffee growing regions. All of our filter coffees are roasted light to medium and we aim to always hold a wide range of coffee processes, from a wide span of origins.

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We also always offer a Decaf blend or single origin carefully considered and selected to meet high quality standards and tasting profiles.

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Become a wholesale partner...

If you'd like to skip the samples and you're interesting in stocking out beans and working together, please head over to our wholesale enquiry page to drop us an email.