Indonesia - Pegasing
Indonesia - Pegasing Indonesia - Pegasing Indonesia - Pegasing

This washing station and farm belonging to Hendra and his family is an island of specialty experimental processed coffee in a sea of conventional wet hulled coffee the area is typically known for. Hendra’s father, Hamdan moved to the area in 2006 from Banda Aceh and then bought some land in the sub district of Pegasing to start growing coffee. 

The coffee is purchased from 70 farmers around the area who want to work with Hendra and pick ripe cherry as he has incentivised them to do this by rewarding good picking. Working with local farmers to plant small plots on their land where he pays more for this varietal due to the reduced yield and higher cup quality.

Varietal(s) Mixed
Processing Fully Washed
Farm Team Pegasing
Region Aceh Tengah
Country Indonesia 🇮🇩
Notes Blood Orange, Marmalade, Brown Sugar, Heavy Body