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April 2023

La Muralla


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Coffee Profile

Castillo, Colombia & Caturra


Various Smallholders

Chocolate, Black Cherry & Marzipan

More about the coffee, producer & region.

La Muralla is named for an informal group of young producers from San Agustín, who sometimes join forces to create truly special microlots. This group of producers produce a blend of cherries of the Caturra, Castillo, & Colombia variety. Castillo and Colombia, which are hybrid resistant varieties, are blended together with Caturra to produce such a beautifully easy drinking flavour profile.

About the Region

On average, this is the youngest group of producers with whom we are partnered as most are in their mid to late 20's. With that youth comes the energy and passion for producing high-end specialty coffee. As with all our producer relationships, we commit to buying everything that they produce that is 84 points and higher, at various fixed prices depending on the quality.

About the Process

Fully Washed.

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