Our Wholesale Coffee Offering

On this page you'll find all the information on our curated espresso blends and wide range of single origins we offer to our wholesale customers.

House Blend
Dark Horse Espresso

Our espresso house blend, has notes of sweet, chocolate and nutty caramel, that goes well with or without milk. Its components are updated 2-3 times a year to keep it seasonally fresh, whilst maintaining a consistent Dark Horse Espresso flavour profile.

'Guest' Espresso
Roan Espresso

Our seasonal espresso blend, Roan, is an acidic, light, bright, floral flavour palate that goes well with or without milk. This blend is formulated to show a different side of espresso by selecting lots that are unique, bright, fruity, and sweet; creating a wild and exciting profile.

Single Origin

We also offer a Decaf blend of single origin, carefully considered and selected to meet high quality standards and tasting profiles. Our decafs are roasted light to medium to ensure clear tasting notes and a great tasting decaffeinated coffee for espresso and filter.

Single Origins

We're proud to hold a varied selection of single origin coffees. We source our beans from a wide range of origins, from Panama to Indonesia, with a mixture of processes, from washed to special fermentations.

For Espresso

We select & source single origin coffees, especially roasted and considered for espresso.

For Filter

All our single origins are roasted light-medium to ensure the flavour profile shines through during the brewing process.

For Retail

Stock and resell our beans on your retail shelf! We'll package them up and send them to you, for you to sell in your store.

Like to carry our beans?

If you would like to know more about our espresso and filter offering, and you're interesting in working together, please head over to our wholesale enquiry page to drop us an email.