Our Sustainability

At Quarter Horse Coffee, we have always sought after environmentally friendly alternatives and materials, but we wanted to take a step further with our by making all of our retail and wholesale pacakging either fully biodegradbale or recyclable at home.

Retail Boxes

100% plastic free packaging!

Despite our previous bags being recyclable, the process was not always widely available, so we made the decision to switch to more environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and more accessibly recyclable boxes.

Made from recyclable paperboard

No plastic lamination or coating

100% biodegradable & recyclable

Inner Sleeves

Less than 26 weeks to breakdown when composting at home.

These pouches are made from renewable materials including paper, eucalyptus fibre, cassava and corn strach and will breakdown over time without leaving behind any toxic materials or waste.

Made from 100% natural matierals

Returns back into water, carbon dioxide and biomass

100% compostable at home

No more missed deliveres.
Our new retail boxes have been designed for 2 boxes to fit neatly right through your letterbox.
100% recyclable plastic bags

Our kilo bags are fully recyclable (♻4). Our bags for wholesale and large retail orders are made from a 100% carbon-neutral mono-material which is fully recyclable. Be sure to check with your local council guidelines.

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