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We are an independent roaster and cafe based in Birmingham and we ethically source green beans through our international suppliers. Roasting our own beans is an exciting venture that allows us to source high quality green beans from all over the world! 

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How We Source Coffee

We source our green coffee through importers who work directly with the farmers, to develop lasting relationships with the people growing the beans, and create positive development at origin.

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Working Together

We work with the best coffee equipment manufacturers in the world. If you would like to discuss what best suits your needs, either business or personal, please get in touch.

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Our Roastery

Learn all about our space and how we freshly roast coffee every weekday in Birmingham. Catch a view of us in action when you pop into Bristol Street for a flat white!

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Working Together

Barista Training.

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What is speciality coffee?

We proudly offer a large range of ethically sourced, high quality single origin coffees and blends, carefully selected by Nathan, an accredited Q-Grader. 

Alongside our extensive single origin range, we craft & curate two house blends which we're very proud of, offering a little something for everyone. Read more about our blends below.

Dark Horse Espresso

Our house espresso blend, Dark Horse Espresso, changes components seasonally. Our goal is to make an espresso that is firstly a building block for a wonderful milk based espresso beverage, as well as interesting and complex on its own.

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Roan Espresso

Our seasonal espresso blend is formulated to show a different side of espresso.  We choose lots that are unique, bright, fruity, and sweet. This creates a wild and exciting profile.

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Decaf Coffee

We also offer a Decaf blend or single origin carefully considered and selected to meet high quality standards and tasting profiles.

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Forward thinking

Sustainable Packaging.

We're always looking at ways to cut down our single use packaging and our retail bags are certified CO2-neutral and designed to keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible.

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