Training & Support

Free training for our wholesale partners.

We'll help you to serve the best coffee possible.

We provide free coffee training & support to our wholesale partners. This includes everything from equipment lists, pulling and evaluating espresso, right through to cleaning and maintenance.

We cover all of the following training...

Pulling Espresso - Coffee Training

Pulling Espresso

We'll teach you how to pull a mean espresso and how to get dialled in correctly for every shift!

Tasting & Evaluating Coffee Pulling Espresso - Coffee Training

Tasting & Evaluating

Learn the difference between under and over extracted shots so you can get the balance right every time.

Steaming & Texturing Milk Pulling Espresso - Coffee Training

Steaming Milk

Are your flat whites and cappuccinos indistinguishable? We'll show you how to steam for each drink individually.

Pouring Latte Art Pulling Espresso - Coffee Training

Pouring Latte Art

We'll teach you the basics of pouring correctly; giving you the benchmark to push on for more expressive pours! ♥

Espresso Machine Cleaning & Maintenance Pulling Espresso - Coffee Training

Cleaning & Maintenance

Just as important, is cleaning and looking after your machine to maintain its consistency and cleanliness!

Coffee Tips & Tricks  Pulling Espresso - Coffee Training

Tips & Tricks

We can tailor our training to best suit your needs, and show you little tips & tricks we've learned along the way!

Enquire about our wholesale training & support.

If you are an existing wholesale customer, or if you're looking to partner with us, please use the contact form below to send an enquiry about our training and support programme!

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