Birmingham Coffee Roasters

We source beans through our international suppliers. We select beans by quality and seasonality, then test-roast them in small batches. Our team then evaluates them by flavour and we roast the favourites of these for use in our shops and for our wholesale customers.

Est 2012

The first independent coffee roasters in Birmingham.

We began our roasting journey in 2015, and have since opened a new site with new, more eco-friendly applications.

See how we Roast our Coffee...

Green Coffee

Sustainably Sourced.

We source our coffee ethically through our trusted suppliers, whilst building long-lasting relationships with farms and producers around the world.

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Roasting for Espresso

Giesen Coffee Roaster

We roast all of our coffee for espresso on our new Giesen Coffee Roaster. The only part of the roasting process using natural gas, this is a larger 20kg roaster for larger batches.

Cyclone 'Afterburner'

Vortx Smoke Eliminator

We're proud to add Vortx to our production line up. An eco-friendly alternative to an afterburner, using water jets to remove smoke, odours, and chaff from coffee roasting exhaust.

✪ UK Demo Site

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Roasting for Filter

Stronghold Coffee Roaster

We now roast all of our single origin coffee on our 100% Electric Coffee Roaster!

Additionally, some of the power is offset by our solar panels, making for some of the most sustainable roasted coffee in the country.

✪ First in the UK

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We rest all our roasted coffee before bagging to encourage the natural release of carbon dioxide after the roasting process.

Depending on roast date, we would recommend further resting your coffee for 1-2 days for filter, and 5-7 for espresso.


We bag our coffee in either our compostable plant-made inner sleeves for retail, or recyclable kilo bags for wholesale.

Read more about our efforts to make our packaging eco-friendly.

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Finally, the coffee is on it's way! Whether that be using our delivery partners for online orders, or local wholesale deliveries in our 100% electric vehicle.

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Jewellery Quarter
Catch us in Action!

We may have moved to our new site, but you're still able to catch a glimpse of us roasting!

Head to our Espresso Bar on Kenyon Street, and pop your head through!

Promoting positive change

We source with our partners by forming long-lasting relationships and buying direct from farmers where possible and supporting great initiatives in coffee growing countries around the world.

Ethically Sourcing our Coffee
We proudly offer a large range of ethically sourced, high quality single origin coffees and blends, carefully selected by Nathan, an accredited Q-Grader .
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Building Lasting Relationships
We're proud to hold long-standing relationships with some amazing producers from different corners of the Earth. From our origin trips, to farms we which we continually source from annually since our inception!
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Become a partner...

We love work with liked-minded people and if you would be interested in carrying our beans, please use head to our wholesale section to read more about becoming a partner!