Smoke & Odour Elimination
Eco-Friendly solution to eliminating smoke & odours whilst roasting coffee.

Eco-Friendly Cyclone

As coffee roasters, we're aware of the smoke exhalation as a result of roasting coffee, and so we're proud to be the first demo site in the UK for Vortx - a green alternative to an afterburner.


Traditional afterburners incinerate smoke & odours at extremely high temperatures, requiring the consumption of up to 5 times the natural gas used by the roaster itself.

The EcoFilter™ captures smoke & odours by instantly cooling the exhaust air to condense the contaminants, capture them in water, and strip them from the exhaust air using the centripetal force of a cyclone.

How does it work?

The Vortx EcoFilter uses the energy of a high efficiency cyclone and the power of high pressure water to help remove the by-products caused by roasting coffee. This results in dramatically reducing the smoke, odours and dust from our exhaust whilst roasting coffee.

What are the benefits?

Traditional afterburners require more fossil fuels to burn off the exhaust fumes. The Vortx uses atomised water to filter contaminents.

Increased Safety
Coffee roasting takes place at high temperatures, and the input of water helps decrease the risk element whilst roasting.

Lower Energy
Vortx requires much less power than industry standard alternatives, reducing our running costs and footprint.

Reduced Smoke
Less smoke is produced as a result, meaning we're being as respectful as possible to our neighbours.

Less Odours
The smell of coffee roasting nearby isn't for everyone, and we're now releasing much less odours.

Removes VOCs
The Vortx removes Volatile Organic Compounds are gases and particles emitted which can be dangerous.

Capturing Carbon Dioxide

The VortX generates zero products of combutions, and captures almost half the carbon dioxide produced from the roaster's burner.

See how we use our Vortx in our roastery in Birmingham.

UK Demo Site

As the first coffee roasters in England to use Vortx, we are the official demo site in the UK.

Like to know more?

If you're interested in acquiring a Vortx in your facility, get in touch to arrange a demo.

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