Sustainable Coffee Sourcing

We source our green coffee through importers who work directly with the farmers, to develop lasting relationships with the people growing the beans, and create positive development at origin. This allows us to deliver coffee that is both ethically sourced, and of the highest quality.

When buying coffee from origin, we prioritise:

We're always looking for that next gem! We roast, sample and evaluate dozens of samples every week, testing the best possible components for our blends and potential new single origins!

Promoting Positive Change

Women Coffee Producers

The program seeks to address inequality in coffee growing regions by creating equity, visibility and access to a wider market for women.

Preserving Heritage

We promote awareness of heritage coffee varietals, most recently the Yemenia Mother Population.

Buying Coffee Direct

We prioritise lasting relationships with farmers and positive development at origin.

Farms we buy from
Origin Trip

In 2019, Nathan travelled to Coorg, India. We visited farms that we had previously bought from and explored new ways we could work together.

We're proud to work with South India Coffee Company to continue to highlight the incredible quality of Arabica produced in India!


Our very first origin trip to Huabal, Peru! We saw coffee production at the farm level and how importers are changing their payment structures.

We have bought Don Saul's coffee every year since our visit and are proud to continue this incredible relationship!

Looking for wholesale?

If you would like to know more about our espresso and filter offering, and you're interesting in working together, please head over to our wholesale enquiry page to drop us an email.