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May 2023

Telila Washing Station


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Coffee Profile

JARC 74112


Mike Mamo

Toffee, Sugarcane & Apricot

More about the coffee, producer & region.

This lot if produced from Mike Mamo and the team at Telila Washing Station. Though this is only Telila’s third year in operation, it is owned and run by a very capable team of Ethiopian specialty coffee veterans.

About the Region

This harvest is truly spectacular - the drying is incredibly meticulous and the cup profiles are crystal clear. Each lot is separated by Kebele upon arrival at Telila Washing Station. This type of lot separation is all but unheard of in Ethiopian coffee, and is one of the many things that make this station so unique and successful.

About the Process

The coffee is pulped, fermented in tanks overnight, and then spread on drying tables and dried for 18-20 days.

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