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September 2023

Madhu Agro


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Coffee Profile

Catuai & SLN 6

Fermented Washed

Mrs T Nirmala Reddy

Black Tea, Rose, Citrus & Honey

More about the coffee, producer & region.

Madhu Agro Plantation, owned and run by mother-daughter duo and their two pooch companions working hand-in-hand with the tribals of Koraput Valley, growing quality Coffee and other agri products. Predominantly tribal women from the surrounding villages and expertly attend to the bulk of the day to day plantation work engaging in everything from raising nursery beds to the harvest, picking the coffee and then processing and drying the coffee beans. There are also roles for men who mostly look after pruning, foliar spray, weed control and some of the other maintenance tasks.

About the Region

"Our plantation has become a permanent shelter for a wide range of wildlife. Of course we share the residence with many monkeys but we also spot wild bore, bears, rabbits and vast array of birds species. Naturally there are also snakes and other reptiles and of course the elusive Civet Cat has made it's home here but they are seldom seen or heard."

About the Process

Koraput, as believed the Crown Jewel of Eastern Ghats, driving through those hilly terrains, detouring into a pathless boulevard, a mystic valley non intruded, appeared two stature and their treasured companions. The picturesque silhouette through the pathless blossoms, comprehends the theory of life.

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