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Red Bourbon


Mbale Washing Station

Raspberry, Orange & Stone Fruits

More about the coffee, producer & region.

The Mbare washing station is located in in Rwanda’s Southern Province, in the Muhanga District. The station itself is 40km out from Muhanga city. At 1754 metres, the station covers a tiny area of just 1 hectare and was established by RTC in 2018. The management is overseen by David Nsanzira with just 2 full time staff the year round and around 56 seasonal staff during the harvest months.

About the Region

196 smallholders contributed coffee to 2022’s production of 245,000kgs of processed cherry. All farmers are using organic fertiliser and expanding their farms in 2022 with seedlings distributed by RTC’s field officers. Before 2018, the station was owned by a cooperative since 2011. As they struggled with management issues, they decided to sell the station to a private player who would run it properly and help the coop with other farm work support and seedlings.

About the Process

Natural process.

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