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May 2024

Fredy Rolando Pineda


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Fredy Rolando Pineda

Apple, Peach and Black Tea.

More about the coffee, producer & region.

The producers will receive about 70% of the FOB price for their micro lots. This year the harvest for all producers was extremely difficult with increased rains during the harvest and a lack of pickers meaning a large amount of coffee was lost from either falling to the ground or swelling and splitting on the tree.

About the Region

Fredy Rolando Pineda who has been involved with coffee production all his life inherited his 2 ha farm 'Finca Fredy' from his father before him. He is part of the Aruco Cooperative and is one of the 33 producers involved in their micro-lot program. He has been working on producing specialty micro lots since 2016 and receives advice from the technicians at Aruco about farm management and soil fertility to help produce good quality cherry and and prevent pests and disease.

About the Process

After that the cherries are pulped and left to ferment in water for around eighteen hours, the parchment is separated from the mucilage and graded before being placed on the raised beds to dry until reaching a moisture content between 13 and 14%.

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