AeroPress Brew Guide

A great compact brewer for single servings. Easy to clean, and throw in your bag when travelling, always producing a consistent brew. The AeroPress is a total immersion brewer, like the cafétiere, which means you have complete control of how long the brew takes, unlike a drip filter where the brew time is dictated by the grind setting.

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What you'll need to get started...

Fresh Coffee Beans

Coffee Grinder

Weighing Scales


Pouring Kettle


AeroPress Brew Ratio

18g Coffee, 230ml Water (1:13.7)


Let's begin! Fill your kettle with at least 350ml of water, and set it to boil. If you have a temperature control kettle, set it to 92°C. Otherwise, see our separate guide for achieving the right water temperature.


Draw the plunger on your aeropress out almost all the way, the rubber bung should be about 1cm into the brew chamber. Place this on your counter plunger side down, with the brew chamber at the top. This is referred to as the inverted method.


Unscrew the cap, and rest it face down on the funnel.


Add a fresh filter paper to the cap, and rinse some hot water through it. This helps the paper sit in place, and preheats your mug.


Weigh out 18 grams of coffee beans, and grind on a medium setting. We’re looking for a grainy sand-like consistency, but you can get away with a slightly coarser grind by brewing a little longer. Be careful not to go to fine however as this can make it difficult to press.


Set your inverted aeropress onto a bench scale, and add your coffee. Zero out the scales.


Start the timer. Begin pouring till you reach 30ml.


Stir for about 10 seconds. Making sure not to leave any pockets of dry coffee.


Top the water up to 230ml, and screw the cap on.


Empty the water out of your mug from the earlier pre-heat. Holding the aeropress at the middle, where the piston and the brew chamber meet, place your mug upside down on top, and flip the whole stack right ways up. You can give it a little swirl just to wash any grounds clinging to the plunger head into the brew.


When your timer reaches 1 minute 30 seconds, begin gently pressing on the piston, aiming to finish expelling the coffee between 2 minutes, and 2 minutes 15 seconds.


Draw the piston back a couple of centimeters before removing it from the cup. This reduces the amount of unwanted dripping. Remove the cap, and push the plunger over the bin to eject the grounds.

...and enjoy!

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