Brewing amazing coffee at home

We've put together brewing guides for some of the most popular brewing methods to help you consistently make delicious coffee at home!

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A simple set of steps and guide to make the most out of your espresso machine at home.

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Learn how to use the most versatile brewing method out there! Ideal for travelling and coffee on the go.

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Kalita Wave

Learn how to master this elegant and simple flatbed brewer for high quality and consistent results!

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Difficult to master, but very rewarding! Experimenting with the V60 can lead to amazing and complex coffees.

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Useful tips

Water Temperature Guide

Whether it’s v60, aeropress or cafetiere, having the right brew temperature can make all the difference. 

Though not essential, they are in-expensive and can be useful tools for refining your brew. Guide posts for brewing are no lower than 87°C, but no higher than 95°C.

Once your kettle has boiled, pop the lid open and set a 2 minute timer. This should be enough time for the water to cool off enough to begin pouring. Careful not to overfill the kettle; the more water in the, the longer it will take to cool off.

Pour the boiling water into another vessel. If you’re using a swan neck kettle, the water will lose some heat as you pour it from your regular kettle.

If it’s still too hot, agitating the water can help it cool off quicker.

How to store your coffee

We recommend keeping your coffee in the same packaging it arrived in - sealing shut after every use. If you're looking to store your beans elsewhere, be sure to use an airtight containers - preferably opaque as to avoid sunlight.

Freshly grind before every brew

The best tip we can give to any enthusiastic home brewer is to invest in a quality grinder! The key to brewing great tasting coffee is to freshly grind before every brew. Not only will it taste better, but your coffee will stay fresh for much longer as whole beans!