Don Saul


We were lucky enough to visit this farm to meet Saul Menor Tayca and his family at their 3 hectare farm in the Huabal region. This was, by far, our favourite farm that we visited during our time in Peru, with the beautiful surroundings on the steep mountainside 2000m above sea level.

Producer Relationships / Don Saul
Don Saul - Peru Origin Trip

Winning ticket!

This special coffee came with a special ticket hidden in the greens which allowed us to join Falcon Specialty at origin in the San Ignacio region in Peru!

Our timeline


Origin Trip to Peru!

Nathan, our head roaster, had the wonderful experience of going to Peru with Falcon and meeting Don Saul and his family. This was the very beginning of now a long relationship between Don and Quarter Horse Coffee!

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We roasted our very first lot from Saul Manor Tayca after visting the previous year and seeing the crop first-hand! This was a really clean cup with a light, fruity acidity.


Following on from the previous year, the second continuous lot we sourced proved to be just as delicious, with Don Saul using the same varietals (Caturra) and processing (washed).


Now one of our longest-standing relationships, Don Saul has become a main staple in our line up at the beginning of each year!


We have finished Don Saul's lot for 2022, and this award winning farm does not disappoint and is was tasting as delicious as ever!

We first cupped Don Saul's coffee the day after visiting his farm and the quality absolutely blew us away!

The high altitude of his coffee produced a coffee with such a clean, light and fruity acidity and has been a staple at Quarter Horse ever since!

The importance of Direct Trade...

The majority of coffees sourced from Peru are purchased through groups of cooperatives. Whilst these provide stability, the price increases when dealing with higher quality coffees, rarely sees its way back to the farmers.

Falcon Specialty, our green buyer partner, aims to challenge this by creating direct relationships with the smallholder farmers whom are not part of these co-ops. This means that they will benefit directly by receiving the price they set for the coffees. This was one of our first experiences of direct trade, and has seen us maintain a fruitful and long-term relationship with this amazing farm and many others!

When can I buy this coffee?

Our projected time for receiving our lots from Don Saul is around December - February. If you're not here then, check out our current line up.

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