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We've worked with South India Coffee Company and Akshay & Komal at the Mooleh Manay farm in Coorg, India since 2018. The Mooleh Manay estate was established in 2013 by fourth generation coffee planter with the aim of producing high quality coffee using modern techniques.

Producer Relationships / Mooleh Manay

Our timeline


Origin Trip to Coorg, India!

Nathan was graciously hosted by Akshay and Komal - the owners of the Mooleh Manay farm in November 2019. This farm has been in their family for generations and they have taken over the full time running of the farm in the last few years.

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The very next year we received our very first selective-picked natural from Mooleh Manay! We could not have imagined the amazing response to this origin & process, with incredible notes of Ripened Cherry, Black Grape, Cranberry & Floral!


Not one but two processes! 2021 saw us receive both Selective Naturals and Honey processed coffees, creating a unique contrast between one another. Both were incredibly popular after the success and high-reputation of Mooleh Manay the previous year.


London Coffee Festival 2021

We were proud to serve our Mooleh Manay selective natural at 2021's London Coffee Festival as filter. This was by far our most popular coffee throughout the festival with many commenting on the high quality!

Komal & Askhay at Quarter Horse Coffee - South India Coffee Company


Roastery Visit

We had the pleasure returning the favour and hosting Askhay and Komal at our roastery on Bristol Street in Birmingham to see how we try and preserve and accentuate the amazing flavours in their greens.

Selective Naturals

Arabica coffee plants most often bear fruit after the flowers blossom after 3-5 years.

Clusters of green cherries will begin to ripen until they turn deep red. At Mooleh Manay they take 3 times longer to harvest as they only pick the fully ripe cherries.

The importance of transparency & sustainability at origin

The South India Coffee Company was established in 2017 by husband and wife duo Akshay Dashrath and Komal Sable with the aim to highlight the quality of coffee grown in India, using ethical and sustainable practices.

At the Mooleh Manay farm, a great effort is undertaken with a recycling scheme to ensure that no plastic wastes are left on the farms and surrounding areas. We're proud to continue this wonderful relationship with Akshay, Komal and South India Coffee Company as we're excited to bring their wonderful coffees to our line-up year after year!

At the Mooleh Manay farm in Coorg, not only do they produce amazing coffee, but they also grow peppercorns side by side!

The pepper grows up the tall trees on vines which provide shade to the coffee plants.

When can I buy this coffee?

Our projected time for receiving our lots from South India Coffee Company is around July - September. If you're not here then, check out our current line up.

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