Ou Yang


We're proud to work closely with IndoChina, where their philosophy is all about forging long term, mutually respectful relationships with coffee producers in Southeast Asia. Much of the income generated from coffee does not benefit the indigenous people who grow it, and so IndoChina are committed to turn the tide.

Producer Relationships / Ou Yang

Our timeline


Our first coffee from China!

We had our eyes on speciality coffee from China for sometime, and 2019 saw our relationship with Yunnan Coffee and IndoChina begin with an amazing lot from the Mang Zhang farm!


Our partnership with Ou Yang begins, with us being our first lot from Mr Ou through IndoChina in 2020. This was incredibly well received and from this point on we committed to purchasing Ou Yang when it would become available the following year.


Now a traditional coffee launch for the Chinese New Year, this year saw us bring the natural process Ou Yang to Birmingham for a second year running, with tasting notes of Cocoa Nibs, Red Fruits & Melon.


We have finished another incredible natural lot from Ou Yang in time for the Lunar New Year in 2022! This coffee never tasted better!

Mr Ou

Meet the Producer...

Ou Yang farm in southern Yunnan is named after the owner, Mr Ou. He sees coffee farming and the prices he can access by producing high-quality beans as a way for him to help lift the members of the local hill tribes he works with out of poverty.

Coffee processing at the Ou Yang farm

Ripe cherries are hand picked and then bagged for 2-3 days. This accelerates the chemical reactions that help breakdown the mucilage, before being spread out to dry in the sun.

At 40% moisture, the cherries are then bagged again for another 4-5 days, a technique known as 'double-fermentation'. After the second is complete, the coffee is spread out on to raised drying beds in a parabolic dryer for another 28 months.

When can I buy this coffee?

Our projected time for receiving our lots from Ou Yang is around January - April. If you're not here then, check out our current line up.

More Producer Stories...

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