Los Pirineos - El Salvador Coffee FarmLos Pirineos - El Salvador Coffee Farm
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Finca Los Pirineos

El Salvador

We've been buying from the Baraona Family since 2017...

The farm takes its name from the Pyrenees mountain range located between France and Spain. The Baraona family cultivates many varieties at an altitude of 1600m on over 80 hectares!

Gilberto Baraona was the head of a family business with over 130 years of tradition in specialty coffee. They are renowned coffee producers in El Salvador having won numerous awards, and we're so happy to be continually bringing their coffees to you every year!

A Visionary
Gilberto Baraona

Gilberto was an innovative leader in coffee globally. He constantly pushed the boundaries of what was possible with coffee, with quality at the forefront. We have been proud to work with Gilberto since 2017 and we will continue to get fresh crops from the family's farm in Usulután.

Sadly, Gilberto passed away in 2020. He will be missed by us and everyone who knew him in the coffee community, and beyond.

New beans, every year...

Gilberto - Caffiene Magazine - Quarter Horse Coffee


Our first ever lots from Gilberto - including washed and honey processes! With the washed getting featured in the Caffiene Magazine!

Washed Pacamara
Blackcurrant, Mango, Fig & Honey

Honey Pacamara
Kiwi, Pear, Honeydew & Lychee

Los Pirineos - Baraona Family Coffee Pacamara


This year we roasted three different processes with both pacamara & red bourbon varietals!

Black Honey Pacamara
Sweet Fig, Sticky Caramel & Hops

Natural Pacamara
Stewed Plums, Cherry & Dark Chocolate

Washed Red Bourbon
Blackcurrant, Black Tea, Honey & Milk Chocolate

Los Pirineos Coffee Jute Sack / Bag


For the third straight year, we had yet another incredible coffee from Gilberto and his family!

Natural Red Bourbon
Kiwi, Papaya, Brown Sugar & Spiced Rum

Orange Pacamara - Los Pirineos Farm


In what was a very turbulent time period around the world, the Baraona family produced two amazing black & red honey pacamaras!

Black Honey Pacamara
Almond, Lemon, Black Tea & Florals

Red Honey Anaerobic Orange Pacamara
Apricot, Mango, Jasmine & Red Berries


Our latest lot from the Los Pirineos farm is a honey processed pacamara.

Honey Pacamara
Stone Fruit, Toffee & Black Tea

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Finca Los Pirineos

Located on a stand-alone volcano that enjoys a microclimate not replicable anywhere in the world. The farm is named after mountain slopes that geographically resemble those of the Pyrenees Mountains in Europe.

Usulután Department, El Salvador.

Stretching from West to East through the Usulután department, are the Cordillera Tecapa Chinameca mountain range. This region is largely made up of volcanoes, in stark contrast to the dry plains in the south.

The highest peak rises up to 1,600 meters above sea level, with Finca Los Pirineos topping out at 1,400. These conditions provide the ideal environment for both coffee growing & drying with the high-in-nutrients volcanic soil and minimal rainfall. Coffee farming has been a long-standing tradition and trade here since the late 20th century, with the majority of harvests occuring between December and April every year.

Pacamara Varietal

Gilberto’s work with the Pacamara varietal is sought-after the world over, and for good reason. For a naturally processed coffee, it is incredibly clean and well processed, with aromatic orange top notes and a creamy, moreish body.

The Baraona family are experts in cultivating and propagating this variety and they have the only WCR certified nursery to sell the seeds.

When can I get my hands on this coffee?

Los Pirineos coffees are harvested between December & April, meaning after processing, milling, drying, packing and shipping, we tend to receive our greens between December and January and will hold them for around three months. If you're not here then, check out our current line up.

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