La Marzocco KB90

The KB90 is specifically designed to maximise workflow and increase the quality of coffee service. Equipped with all the latest technology, this top-of-the-line machine is ultimate evolution of the Linea PB.
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About La Marzocco KB90

Available Models
2 or 3 groups.

Ultimate Workflow
The KB90 sets a new standard in high volume cafe performance, striving to make great espresso faster, cleaner & easier.

Straight-In Portafilter
Ready for a new way to work fast & efficiently? The revolutionary Straight In design simplifies and eases the motion of locking-in the portafilter to the group-head, every time. Improve the natural workflow and output within a high-volume café.

Steam Flush
Keep things easy and clean; the KB90 does a flush cycle for you, using a small burst of steam and water! Removing coffee residue quickly, and leaving every espresso tasting its best.

Drip Prediction Algorithm
Automatically stop espresso extraction at the desired moment to ensure target output is reached in the cup. Through this algorithm-based system, there’s no compromise to accuracy when you switch between blends, decaf, and single origin.

Familiar Interface
Enjoy the reliable, user-friendly 3-button keypad and proprietary electronics appreciated the world over, that makes programming intuitive for both baristas and technicians – and brewing an immediate and pleasant experience.

PB Logic
Based on the bestseller Linea PB, the KB90 is equipped with many of the trusted and tested components of the Linea PB, making servicing easier without the need for new parts inventories.

Easy Rebuild Steam Valve
The KB90 is equipped with a new steam valve, accessible directly from the steam knob. In case of regular, preventive or extraordinary maintenance, this feature minimises machine downtimes.

Pro-Touch Steam Wands
Barista-friendly ergonomic steam wand that always stays cool to the touch.


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