Friction Talks - Kirill Medvedev

21 October

Kirill Medvedev



Poet, publisher and musician Kirill Medvedev is one of Russia’s most provocative and exciting literary figures. In October, during a short visit to Britain, he will be in Oxford for just one reading. Like his friends Pussy Riot he is a fierce critic of Putin’s regime, but his poetry is equally illuminating about the personal struggle to remain creative and find meaning in everyday life. Refusing to  ‘participate in literary projects organized or financed by government or cultural bureaucrats’ he has renounced all copyright in his work, which can only be published in pirated editions. ‘It’s No Good’ is his first collection to be translated into English. ‘If you want sincere, sophisticated insights into life under Vladimir Putin's government then read Medvedev. And if you feel adrift from the political direction of your own society then Medvedev's ability to convert alienation into urgency is inspiring’. The Independent 

Kirill Medvedev

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