Goodbye Oxford

It is with the greatest sadness that we have decided to close Quarter Horse Coffee in Oxford. We have taken this decision very seriously and have done so because the shop on Cowley Road needs local ownership so that it can achieve its greatest potential.

East Oxford will not be left without a great coffee shop. We are very pleased to announce that Peloton Espresso is taking over operations at 76 Cowley Road in the New Year. This new bike cafe will be run by Matt Rees and Dan Roiser (of Zappis fame) with a focus on great coffee and cycling culture. They will be brewing Quarter Horse beans so we are not leaving East Oxford entirely and all of our great customers can still take Quarter Horse Coffee home with them. Please follow Peloton Espresso at:

We want to personally thank all of the great people that have supported us since we opened our doors in 2012. Our wonderful customers are what have made this so great and enjoyable. It is the people of East Oxford that we will miss the most. We would also like to sincerely thank all of the people who have been part of the Quarter Horse team. Quarter Horse Oxford would not have been possible without your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for the best coffee. When we opened, we set out to shake up the coffee scene in Oxford and we are very pleased that in 4 short years we leave the city with more than double the number of quality-focused shops serving coffee from roasters all across the country.

We are very proud to have been part of your lives for these four years, thank you for making us part of your day. While we have decided that Quarter Horse needs to focus on new projects and we look forward to our future in Birmingham, we will truly miss you all and Oxford will always be our first home. Our final day of trading will be December 23. Please come and join us for a final send off and, of course, a great cup of coffee.

Thanks again to everyone that made our shop wonderful – we would not have been without you.

-Nathan and Ameeta