Grey is Green - new retail bags

Grey is Green!  We are excited to announce a complete overhaul of our retail packaging.  We will no longer be using the kraft bags but instead a fully recyclable and CO2 neutral grey bag. 

CO2 neutral means that the CO2 emissions released by producing the packaging are compensated by one of the carefully selected climate projects of Climate Neutral Group. These climate projects will take place in coffee producing countries such as Tanzania, for example, where we will contribute to biogas projects. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, these projects also offer opportunities for the local people through knowledge transfer, environmental improvement, and stimulation of the local economy. Click here for more information about the biogas project.

If that wasn't enough, these bags are made of plastic and can be recycled in your household recycling.  No need to throw away bags anymore!  

The green credentials alone are a great reason to switch but we also love the look and functionality. The plastic has a really nice feel, like paper, and is very durable.  A simple redesign of our labels ensures the most important information about our coffee is now easier to see.  Grab a couple of bags today!