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Deliciously brewed & roasted sustainably.

After opening our first coffee shop in Oxford in 2012, we opened our second shop in Birmingham, before moving permanently to start roasting coffee in the Midlands.

Since then, we are now operating in a new larger premises in the Jewellery Quarter, roasting and serving high quality and ethically sourced beans from around the world.

Quarter Horse Coffee was established in 2012.

Opened the first specialty coffee roastery in Birmingham.

Prioritising sustainability & responsible solutions.

Our Story

Founded by Nathan & Ameeta in Oxford, the first coffee shop opened in 2012 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the best shops in the city. A second shop was secured in Birmingham, Ameeta's hometown, a few years later; which became the first independent coffee roastery in the city when they moved to Birmingham permanently.

Since then, Quarter Horse Coffee has ethically sourced and roasted the highest quality of beans from around the world and, in 2023, opened a dedicated new site for production and training with a focus on sustainability.

Our Timeline

February 2012

Quarter Horse Coffee was established as we opened our first specialty coffee shop in Oxford.

February 2015

We opened our second coffee shop on Bristol Street in the Southside of Birmingham and opened the first café-roastery hybrid in the city.

September 2018

Nathan, our head roaster, went on the very first origin trip in Peru. Staying with Don Saul and his family, we have purchased lots every year since!

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November 2019

The second origin trip saw Nathan head to India. Where we've forged strong relationships with some of the best arabica producers in the country.

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June 2020

After multiple lockdowns, we reopened with a full shop refit, allowing for a larger kitchen, and more space for production roasting.

Feburary 2022

We celebrated 10 years of Quarter Horse Coffee with a rebrand and new colour palette of greens and pinks – a nod to our sustainability ambition.

January 2023

We opened our new Espresso Bar at the front of our roastery in the Jewellery Quarter. Featuring exclusive single origins and fresh pastries.

February 2023

We officially moved all our coffee production to the Jewellery Quarter. Now roasting on a larger capacity roaster, and an all new, all electric roaster.

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July 2023

Due to the economic climate at the time, we made the difficult decision to stop trading at our coffee shop in Bristol Street.

Quarter Horse Coffee Headquarters

See how we roast & source all our coffee beans from around the world.
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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from production roasting to retail packaging.
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Our values when sourcing coffee.

Long-lasting relationships at origin.

We're proud to continually buy from some of the best coffee producers around the world.

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Sustainable growth & ethical practices.

Read more about how we source our coffees from around the world.

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Work with us...

If you're interested in carrying our beans, head to our wholesale section to read more about the services we provide! We're always excited to work with like-minded & passionate people, so get in touch!