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Batch brew for professional & working environments

If you're looking to get delicious filter coffee for the office, café, shop or business; we have a range of quality filter coffee machines to best suit your environment!

Filter Coffee Machines

Wilfa Classic+

The Wilfa Classic+ takes filter coffee brewing into stylish new realms. Simply add the desired amount of freshly ground coffee and water, press the button and wait. 

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Marco Filter Brewer

Marco BRUF60M/A

Simple to set up and perfect for a wide variety of catering locations, this brewer enables you to brew high quality filter coffee.

Marco 6 Jet Filter Coffee Commercial Machine

Marco 6 Jet

The Marco Jet 6 is a large batch filter coffee brewer with the ability to brew up to 5L coffee. The Jet 6 is operator friendly and easy to use with a touch screen panel and easy user interface.

Commercial Coffee Grinders

Wilfa Svart & Uniform

The Wilfa range are a professional range of electric coffee grinders combining stylish design with quality. Create cafe-quality ground coffee no matter the environment.

Mahlkӧnig EK43S

The EK43S can be used for both filter and espresso, with a grind dial giving you full control between coarse and fine grounds. The ‘S’ model is a shorter model specifically build for smaller settings, fitting comfortably on coffee bars the small hopper.

Marco Jet Grinder

Created to use in conjunction with the Marco Jet filter brewer, this grinder can connect to the brewer via bluetooth. The Jet Grinder grinds at high speed and delivers the exact amount of coffee (grams per litre) for the recipe set by the user.

Office Coffee • Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee machines, accessible & delicious coffee for any setting.

Filter coffee machines are great for offices, cafés, restaurants and pubs, or for heavy commercial use such as catering business, pop-ups and moving locations. 

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