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Need help deciding which beans to buy? We've popped all our single origin coffees into defined categories where we differentiate by origin, process and flavour profiles!

Start by selecting your type of coffee:


Sweet & smooth coffees, great with or without milk.


The goldilocks shelf, neither too safe nor too wild.


Unique & wild processes and flavour profiles.


Sweet & Smooth Coffees

For the first coffee of the day. If you like tasting notes of chocolate, caramel, dried & stone fruit, these are the beans for you!

Enjoy with our without milk & alternative milks.

Find these in our Filter Coffee and Espresso Subscriptions.

High quality coffees with familiar tasting notes.


Discover New Coffees

For those looking to try something new. Try one of our venture coffees to sample notes of floral, tea and citrus in your morning cup.

Looking to try something a little different? We recommend trying these coffees without milk first!

These coffees are often sweet with higher acidity. Look out for floral & citrus tasting notes.

We recommend brewing these on a manual drip brewer such as V60Kalita Wave or AeroPress!


Weird & Wonderful Coffees

I only drink wild coffees and experimental processes. Our collection of conversation-starter coffees – bright, unique & memorable.

Our most exciting & unique coffees, with natural and experimental processes.

Try something new & wild with these high-scoring coffees and often award-winning coffee producers!

We don't recommend adding milk with any of the coffees below due to their complex flavour profile.

Explore new coffees with our bundles...

We've put together our explore pack, where you can choose between trying a Venture or Unique coffee alongside a Stable single origin!

Explore Pack

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