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Café & Coffee Shop Owners

New & Existing Customers

Wholesale coffee for new & existing businesses.

Whether you already have a long standing coffee shop or business, or if you're new and thinking about opening a store, we're here to help you with all your wholesale, coffee and training needs!

Services we offer...

House & Guest Espresso Blends

Whether you're after a balanced, chocolatey and smooth house blend, or a bright, fruity and complex guest, we've got seasonally fresh espresso blends available all year round!

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Single Origin Filter Coffees

We're proud of our vast single origin offering here at QHC. With a host of coffees from far and wide, we try to source a variety of beans with different processes and tasting notes.

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Equipment & Accessories

We work with some of the best coffee manufacturers in the world, along with being a proud supplier of La Marzocco. We can recommend the best equipment for your business.

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Training & Support

Free training comes with all wholesale partnerships, if you need help or guidance pulling a perfect espresso or maintaining your machinery, we've got your covered.

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Ancillary Goods

It's not all about the coffee you know! We work with amazing suppliers of loose leaf teas, chocolatiers and ceramists to cater for your whole drinks menu!

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Locations We Serve

We're proud to be based at the heart of England, in Birmingham. We've been roasting here since 2015, and have been proudly supplying businesses all around the UK since then!

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Would you support with your project?

If you would like to know more about our equipment and machinery offering, and/or you're interesting in working together, please head over to our wholesale enquiry page to drop us an email.